Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Hello from Voula!

I will be happy to collaborate with you all in the DELPHUS 2010 PROJECT, in our adventure from real-to-virtual and from virtual-to-real.

I will be representing the teaching stuff of the Athens School of Fine Arts and will work with you on the Delphus platform.

I would be most grateful if you could all introduce yourselves by sending a small entry to this BLOG.

Soon, you will get more information from me personally and from our team - our ideas and thoughts about this seminar.

We are expecting yours too!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010


From the real to the virtual and from the virtual to the real

Working Schedule: every Professor according to their area of interest will have the responsibility for one seminar and one team of students that will work with them. This will allow them to lead the students either from the real to the virtual (eg. Video seminar) or from the virtual to the real (eg virtools or 3D seminar)

A preparatry work must start from now so that the students can be prepared.

The seminar will be based on a double approach: artistic and technological. This is why the participant students must have knowledge of both of these aspects.

The basic platform which will host the works of the students is the internet platform developed at the previous seminar. The platform is an application created with Virtools software. [www.3ds.com/products/3dvia/3dvia-virtools/]

In the platform can be integrated 3d objects, videos and any other application for web as an external link. The technical specifications for the integration of the different projects in the Platform will be given at the start of the seminar.

In this context I suggest 5 laboratories:

> Creation lab A Virtual worlds (in the www)

> Creation lab B Virtual world objects (synthetic images 2d, 3d )

> Creation lab C From real word to virtual (video, photography)

> Creation lab D From ideas to virtual world (poly-scenarios)

> Creation lab E Body and virtual world