Sunday, 12 October 2014

European Master between Athens School of Fine Arts and Parsi-8

The longtime and multi-level activities that took place in the scope of the IN-BETWEEN project, led the main contributors, Athens School of Fine Arts (Multimedia-Hypermedia Laboratory), and Paris-8 (UFR Arts, philosophie, esthétique – arts et technologies de l'image) to the establishment of a European Master with title: «Art, virtual reality and multiuser systems of artistic expression» (

The main objective of this European Master is to provide students with competence of a dual nature, artistic and technological, in the field of digital arts. It enables them to acquire the necessary know-how for the collaborative creation of artworks in multiuser virtual spaces in the Internet. In this framework, the students gain knowledge on the following fields: digital arts, virtual reality, digital games, multiuser virtual spaces, development of dynamic, real-time artistic content, 3D modeling based on behavioral programming, methods of artificial entities and digital sound.

The master runs for the third year, and already several student projects have been awarded in international festivals and conferences, such as

The scientific coordinators of this master are:
Marie-Hélène Tramus Professor, Université Paris 8

Manthos Santorineos, Assistant Professor, Athens School of Fine Arts

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