Tuesday, 30 June 2009


In-Between is part of the Delphus project that first started in 2004 at Delphi. Those projects’ activities are characterized by the creation of a virtual environment which contributes to the development of research collaboration and artistic experimentation. The main goal of In Between project and all other projects under Delphus umbrella is an attempt to merge forms with ideological symbolism and metaphorical correlations.

In-Between incorporates efforts of yielding virtual forms with concepts and creates a unique and constantly evolving multimedia hypertext environment for interaction. It aims to create an experimental environment for research and communication based on simple or complex concepts.

Through the development of new forms, resulting from the combination of conceptual references to three-dimensional shapes or/and short video, the main purpose results to the discovery of new kind of tools. Their role is to contribute to a larger field, and lead to complex configurations and intellectual frameworks.
Borrowed from philosophy where ontology is the science of existence, being and reality in general, the term ontology in the digital world is a bridge between human interpretations of reality and what the computer can be read based on a common terminology.

Given that ontology is a set of definitions for terms that describe the external world, Delphus project seeks for new relationships among forms and conceptual references. The purpose is the development of experimental embodied forms that contribute to a renascent time-space continuum. Essential ingredients are creativity, imagination, randomness arising from the collective cooperation.

For the purpose of Delphus project the creation of ontologies, as intellectual embodied structures, can be opposed to social constraint while the whole project is open to improvisations and accidental game-like opportunities that lead to new adventures of creating symbolic worlds, structured by multimedia tools.

Dimitra Gounari PhD researcher

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