Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Manthos Santorineos has been invited by the creative team of Video Art Festival Miden in Kalamata, to lead a workshop in the context of Urban (R)evolutions, a project realized by Festival Miden this year.

A week before Festival Miden 2009 annual screenings in Kalamata’s Historic Centre, this introductory seminar, which has more the form of a meeting with young artists and creative youngsters of Kalamata, will set the basis for a continuing collaboration for a future project, organized by Sea Level (the non-profit organization that runs Festival Miden) entitled “Dreaming of my city: an open social web action for art and culture in urban environment”. The project will extend “Urban (R)evolutions”, which begun as a collective video and images screening, to a wider communication platform for urban environment on the web.

In this context, Manthos Santorineos and Voula Zoi will make an introduction to the IN BETWEEN PROJECT. The participants of the workshop will create new entries to the In-Between project, which is a collaborative project for the creation of multicultural virtual neighborhoods on the Web.

IN BETWEEN PROJECT started as an initiative of the Multimedia - Hypermedia Lab of the Athens School of Fine Arts, and has gradually become an open platform for artistic experimentation, including participants from different Universities. The participants can insert an audiovisual description of their house, different audiovisual elements as well as other information, to the dynamic database and their house automatically becomes member of the endless neighborhood.

The introductory presentation and the workshop will take place at the Environmental Training Center of Kalamata, from 4 to 6 of July.

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