Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Delphus 3 platform

A variety of feelings, ideas, aesthetic approaches, skills, and tools have emerged during this seminar and it is very challenging to have them all registered into a common space, while maintaining personal aspects. Delphus3 platform, which started last year, is an attempt towards defining our collective memory space.

Delphus 3 platform hosts
-the traces of our thoughts, feelings and ideas, as conceptual 3D objects
-our perception of real space, given through GPS coordinates and audiovisual material
-our interconnections
-our integration at the mythical space of Delphi, through bidirectional transitions from real to virtual space

Delphus 3 platform is built on an intuitive manner, reflecting us for now, but it will be the basis for deeper research on the field of knowledge-based aesthetics.

Visit the link:

Stavroula Zoi
Multimedia Laboratory, Athens School of Fine Arts

July 2010

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