Friday, 2 July 2010

The Escherian Metro- Polis of a Kafkish citizen in Pambia

Imagine a huge sponge, as the space to live in, without though having conscience of this presence in this exact space. This place works as a metaphor for an organic everything, part of which we all are (PAMBIA, word formed after Paggaia, the initial geological formulation from which the five continents of our planet derive). The people dwelling in Pambia are everyday commuters in the thousands of tubes this huge sponge has. But they don’t see the place they cross through, as they only have vision of the tube they are in. Sometimes it comes a point where or when (?) one finds oneself at an active point, a point in the Timespace, wherewhen the tube opens to a moving spacestructure. One can wander there till (s)he finds another active point opening to another tube. "Commutation" goes on, the environment slighty changes, the next moving structure waits to be found. But is there any possibility for the commuters to have the general view of PAMBIA? This is a work for the space, the real (πραγμα-τικός) one in the virtual (εικονικός) one, the virtual the coming from the real, trying to uncover the not forgotten one (α-ληθινός).

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