Sunday, 12 July 2009

Delphus Project has been started

People from different parts of the world have been arrived in Delphi, the ‘centre of the mythological cosmos’.

The weather is perfect.

People have already started to discover each other and break language barriers.

Delphus project is a melting pot of different nationalities that will link the artistic and research experimentation.

All participants’ contribution is essential for the project and their communication acquires a specific signification for the whole Delphi project.

We have settled down in Athens School of Fine Arts Research Centre. After, exploring the area of Delphi, we organized the work in teams and several seminars and workshops.

On Saturday evening Manthos Sandorinaios organised an interactive performance. It was about the different meaning of the images.Through physical participation, people became part of a performance with music, drawing, writing, dancing and acting. The whole event was open to accidental and game-like extemporisation.

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