Tuesday, 7 July 2009

thinking 3D navigation

One of the main problem in a 3D space world is to find a way for the user to navigate without losing himself. We can't use a first person or a third person like view, because this kind of interface is adapted to a classical human relation with the world I mean a world with a "up" and a "down". But in the case of the In Beetween project our world is only composed by "idea" interconnected.

Perhaps we can use the interconnection between the idea as "jump gate" and by this way allow the user to "jump" from one idea to another in a "follow the link" manner. This way of navigation is used in some space opera video game, like "sin of solar empire" or the map view of X3.

By using this kind of navigation, we can avoid the risk of losing the user in a place where there is nothing to view and use the attraction/repulsion principe shown in the precedent post, to create a "ambulatory" way of navigation accross the idea


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