Thursday, 23 July 2009

Interaction with working groups

We have managed successfully to communicate with the other working groups and exchange views and expertise.

Our interaction with the Paris-8 working group, an expert group on the programming, modeling-design and implementation of virtual 3D spaces in real time has been very interesting and useful for both sides. ATI creates the Delphus platform. We have gained a very important technical knowledge on the design and implementation of such systems; we have seen certain problems and solutions. We hope that we have transferred to them our viewpoint of things, as well as our concerns and reflections.

Our collaboration with the working group of the Tourcoing School of Fine Arts, France has been both on conceptual and aesthetic issues, and on technical processes (e.g. audio/video editing). Our students participated in the audiovisual workshops that recorded a part of the project’s activities. Also, this workgroup, in collaboration with the ASFA group is preparing a virtual level about Delphi which will enrich the In-Between database.

The working group of the University of Valencia, an expert on media and audiovisual technologies, presented a set of advanced projects some of which will also be linked with the project. Also, they provided a virtual representation of Cabanal enhancing the database of the In-Between project (

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