Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Presentation of the programming group

This group is composed of french students from ATI department (Arts et technologies de l'Image) of University Paris 8 : Karleen, Rachel, Salim, Florian, Adrien, Sophia Lena, Charles. The goal of this group is to make a technologic plateform, which will serve as a support for conceptual and philosophical aspects. The work is made in Virtools, and it is an opportunity for our students to progress in VSL and programming.

The tasks are distributed as this :

  • Navigation 3D (zoom, jump gate navigation, object-centric turn around...) inspired by the video game Sin of Solar Empire. This part is nearly finished.

  • Interaction between objects (attractive, repulsive interactions, connections). This part is ok but we need to make the integration.

  • Dynamic loading of the software and objects (streaming). Work in progress.

  • Connection to object Database. We're currently waiting the database model from the greek group.

  • Modular programming (the big part), with the idea to give maximum flexibility to the code, and guarantee adaptability for the evolution of the project.

  • Integration (put all this together) waiting for Database.

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