Thursday, 23 July 2009


The Delphus_3 space is a 3D virtual space of interconnected conceptual objects. The main idea of this platform is to create virtual space for experimentation with concepts and ideas.

It is based on the following multilayer architecture:

Layer 1: Palette of primitive elements (e.g.3D objects, media objects, behaviours)
Layer 2: Conceptual object tagging and database storage
Layer 3: Object interconnection, interaction and navigation system
Layer 4: Permanent storage of complex structures of interconnected objects
Layer 5: Conceptual searching

During the seminar only Layers 1, partly Layer 2, and Layer 3 have been implemented. Layer 2, 4 and 5 require further research and couldn’t be completed during the seminar. Though, the system architecture is such that it can be easily extended.

For the moment, different modules have been developed and they are being merged to give the complete architecture.

These modules have the following functionality:

•Insertion form for conceptually tagging objects
•Application of behaviours to an object
•Storage of conceptual and behavioural information of objects to the database
•Creation of dynamic objects, based on data from the database
•Navigation through the created objects based on their visibility

Voula Zoi

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