Monday, 13 July 2009

The working groups

Group 1: Programmation,
Tutor: Cédric Pleissiet, Voula Zoi

Group 2: Volume costume 3D
Tutor: Manthos Santorineos, Cédric Pleissiet, Anne-Laure George-Molland

Group 3: Audiovisual Concepts
Tutor: Christophe Atabekian, Manthos Santorineos

Group 4: Programmation concepts
Tutor: Voula Zoi, Manthos Santorineos, Cédric Pleissiet

Group 5: Texts Images for Blog Contents and Publication
Tutor: Dimitra Gounari, Anne-Laure George-Molland

Group 6: Audiovisual and interactive Documentary,
Tutor: Amparo Carbonell Tatay

Group 7: Hypertext/web
Tutor: Voula Zoi

Group 8: Sound
Tutor: Christophe Atabekian

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